Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mount Rearguard stands above the Hellroaring Plateau... near Red Lodge, MT

Mount Rearguard on Hellroaring Plateau
Mount Rearguard at 12280 feet elevation exceeds the approximately 10,000 feet elevation of most of the Hellroaring Plateau... it's possible to hike to the summit but we didn't as we weren't properly prepared for such a hike... this year! (refer to the previous post for information on accessing the Hellroaring Plateau) NOTE: I do realize that the rule of threes is not followed in this photographic image... but we love the Montana vividly blue sky so much that I couldn't bear to crop this!

Road to Hellroaring Plateau as seen from the Beartooth Highway near Red Lodge, MT

road to Hellroaring Plateau as seen from the Beartooth Highway
When we were in Montana in June, 2008, we failed at reaching the top of the Hellroaring Road in our attempt to get up onto the Hellroaring Plateau (most of which is around 10,000 feet elevation) due to snow and further up, downed trees making the road impassable at that time of year. As a child, I'd heard stories about my aunt and uncle going there every year to camp and fish in the lakes near the top and on the top of the plateau. Now that we've finally managed to reach the top (in September, 2009), I wonder that my aunt and uncle ever made it at all in a regular passenger car. The road up to the top of the plateau is rough, rock strewn and requires a high-center vehicle and a driver willing to travel at speeds that rarely (if ever) exceed 10 MPH on the 7 mile Hellroaring Road. Once reaching the top, the views are spectacular and I'll post some of those in the coming week. (my posting has been somewhat sporadic due to all our travel and other obligations)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A view of Pilot and Index Peaks from Pilot/Index Lookout on the Beartooth Highway...

Pilot and Index Peaks, Wyoming
This photo is from a few days ago and shows the view we had when stopped for lunch en route to Red Lodge, MT from Mammoth Hot Springs. In all the years I've traveled this road, I don't believe I've EVER seen the sun shine on Pilot and Index Peaks... but I have seen other photos where the sun has been shining on those mountains so I know it does!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I just like this plant... some sort of desert plant growing on Red Lodge Mountain, MT

desert plant
My guess is this is a member of the agave or yucca (are they the same?) family of plants... I just liked the leaves and shadows...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rock Creek Valley near Red Lodge, MT as seen from the Beartooth Highway...

Rock Creek Valley near Red Lodge, MT
Every year we go to Red Lodge, MT... we simply must go up the Beartooth Highway at least once... and I always take LOTS of photos.... here's one showing the valley with Rock Creek Road alongside Rock Creek down in the valley with the Beartooth Mountains in the background.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunflowers at Café Regis in Red Lodge, MT

sunflowers against a blue sky
Our day's adventure for September 8, 2009 included a stop at Café Regis in Red Lodge, MT for lunch before heading up the road to the Hellroaring Plateau... they invited us to visit the garden (where they grow much of what they serve) while we were waiting for our sandwiches to be made... the sunflowers against the clear blue sky caught my eye... our adventure up Hellroaring is detailed (with more photos of the spectacular scenery) on my vacation blog for those of you who might be interested!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Antelope on roadside... Yellowstone National Park, WY

antelope male
There were three antelope... young bucks... by the side of the road closer than I've ever seen antelope before... just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day! Here's one for your viewing pleasure...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mammoth Hot Springs... alien vista in Yellowstone National Park...

Mammoth Hot Springs view
We arrived too late to properly explore the Hot Springs at Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park... but we did have time for a brief look at the lower terraces nearest the lodge and dining areas... I will be posting more photos from this amazing place on my travel blog (some are already there) but am trying to keep to one photo a day from each day of our journey on this blog... (may weaken in that resolve by the time I do my next post... having too much fun on this vacation to post with any kind of regularity!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spectacular Sawtooth Mountain Scenery near Stanley, Idaho...

Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, Idaho
After dropping Mike off to do a mountain bike ride, I headed back down the road to spend some time at Stanley Lake... but first simply had to stop along the way to take some photos of the Sawtooth Mountains... the countryside is simply spectacular everywhere you look!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

View of Sawtooth Mountains from Redfish Lake, Idaho...

Sawtooth Mountains with boat spray as seen from shuttle boat on Redfish Lake
Took the shuttle from the main dock on Redfish Lake to Redfish Inlet and hiked to Lily Pond... this view is looking back toward Redfish Inlet while returning after the hike... boat spray with mountain backdrop... more photos and details of the day's adventures are available.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Somewhere in Idaho... Spectacular Colors... Lovely Scenery...

mountains, sky and and flowers, roadside view near Ketchum, ID
We landed in Idaho Falls, ID earlier today and drove to Stanley, ID where we will stay for three nights. We took the route that takes one through Ketchum, ID and saw this lovely view from route 75 between Ketchum and Stanley.