Friday, September 21, 2012

Long time... no posts! An image from Ireland...

I cannot believe I have neglected this blog for such a long time. I confess to having become totally enamored with iPhone photography and iOS apps used to edit those images. Although I've continued to take photos with my "big girl" camera, I have spent a lot more time lately with my iPhone images and do most of my editing of those on an iPad 2.

Recently, I tried editing an SLR image on my iPad using several different iOS apps after doing some preliminary editing of the image in Lightroom and other desktop apps/plugins. I am going to share two images here (and on Weekly Top Shots) and elaborate the process further on my iPhone blog. The image that served as the starting point for this exercise was an HDR image assembled with Nik HDR Efex Pro from 3 images shot at ISO 400, f/14 with a Nikon D7000/18-200mm lens.

cloudy sky over farm fields
I played around with the above image (on my computer) using a couple different Topaz plug-ins and tried also (using Content Aware) to remove the phone wires in Photoshop. But my skill set didn't allow me to achieve the results I wanted so I moved the image to my iPad and continued the processing there to achieve the final result shown below. The processing steps to achieve this result are posted on my iPhone blog.