Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carpet Beetle munching on Stokes Aster... June, 2009

carpet beetle on stokes aster
I'm TRYING to be more regular about posting... so many distractions involved with getting ready for my upcoming gallery show. This is from this past summer when I went out to photography my Stokes Asters and discovered this little guy munching away on the petals. Carpet beetles are so named because their preferred habitat (supposedly) is carpets where they can find all manner of food droppings to munch on. They also seem to enjoy exploring my flower garden! (This image and the other images that will be included in my gallery show are in a set on Flickr that may be viewed as a slide show if you care to have a look.


  1. A beautiful shot with wonderful colours.

    I look forward to hearing how your gallery show goes.

    I'm well behind with Flickr due to having no heating. We had hoped to fit the chimney liner today but have had 50 mile per hour winds and for some odd reason the husband didn't want to go up onto the roof to feed down the liner!! Here's hoping for better weather tomorrow as I am sick of being frozen.

    P>S> It will no longer let me enter my details as to who is posting - very odd! - Kerry (aka Trishaaristead


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