Monday, October 18, 2010

Skipper Butterfly series... From my garden... 2010

Earlier (just a few seconds ago) I published a sunrise post from a camping weekend in Virginia. Since I'm SO far behind posting to my blog, I'm going to include a series of shots of a Skipper butterfly drinking from one of the many flowers of my rampant Plumbago larpentae ground cover in this post. When viewed in the order in which they were taken, they sort of tell a story. Here he is drinking nectar...
skipper drinking nectar from flower blossom
There simply MUST be more nectar all the way at the bottom of this flower!
face planted in flower blossom
Well, I think I got ALL the nectar there is here so it's time to stop drinking from this flower...
skipper pulling out of flower
And it's time to move on to the next flower...
skipper finished getting nectar from flower blossom


  1. That is a beautiful series of photos!

  2. Your macro work is incredible, Victoria. I'm gobsmacked. Honestly!

  3. Wow, the butterfly loves to smell this flower.

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