Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Julia Butterfly under any name is gorgeous...

Julia Butterfly
Going back to images from our December visit to the Butterfly Conservatory of the National Museum of American History in New York (Manhattan), NY today, I realized I'd never posted this one. When I went looking for the ID of this butterfly, I found lots of references to it as Julia Butterfly (some even as Orange Julia). It wasn't until I looked at the Wikipedia entry on this beauty that I found the scientific name Dryas iulia correctly spelled. Wikipedia also noted that the scientific name is "often incorrectly spelled julia" which is most probably why we commonly know it as Julia Heliconian or Julia Butterfly.


  1. Also maybe because we can pronounce "Julia". But a butterfly by any other name is still just as beautiful and this one is gorgeous.

  2. Wonderful details and composition. Your butterfly shots are always so good Victoria.

  3. So very pretty! Looks powdery soft. :)

  4. She totally has my colors, Victoria. My kind of butterfly. :) Look at that wingspan! She's gorgeous.


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