Monday, June 20, 2011

Rainy day greenery in the Cathedral flower garden... Gothenberg, Sweden 2011

rainy day greenery in the flower garden
While around Gothenberg on a rainy day... Our first full day in Sweden... We happened upon the main cathedral. While everyone else went inside, I stayed outside for awhile to photograph the flower beds. I rather like this image and hope you will too. I'd post it to Macro Monday over at Lisa's Chaos if I weren't so tired from a long day. You should go check out Macro Monday anyway!


  1. What a lovely photo. Lady's Mantle sure has a way of collectoing rain and dew drops. Enjoy your trip!

    kateri @ Dandelion Haven

  2. Great image! Hope you're enjoying the trip!

  3. I should have known you'd stay behind out in the gardens while the rest of us went inside. HA! Yes, I like it. :) Different shades of green AND raindrops. So you ARE getting rain there, just like we are here in The NL. Stay dry and get your sleep...and see everything you can see. Do it all. :)

  4. Yes, follow Ginnie's advice, do it all! Rain or not, Scandinavia is breathtaking no matter what. I enjoyed your family's photos also!

  5. Love all the green. Hope you're having a great time Victoria!


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