Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bumblebee on Blanket Flower... Summer, 2010

bumblebee in blanket flower
I've been experimenting with extension tubes paired with my 105mm macro lens. The trick is to follow bugs and snap a shot without using a tripod... hand holding a heavy lens with the added extension tube(s) is quite tricky but every now and then I get lucky! Hope you enjoy viewing this image... I was sure happy to see it once I got it onto my computer.

Update on Spam jerk who keeps trying to post comments on my blog: Blogspot finally has it set up so we can flag jerks such as this one by clicking the "Mark as spam" link in the message received when comment moderation is turned on. And I've followed up on a few of the reports I made by trying to find the jerk and his account generally disappears in short order. So I'll keep clicking the "Mark as spam" links and MAYBE one day he's going to give up completely.


  1. Today I discovered your blog. You have beautifull photos, worth a visit! Even for me, photography is growing passion. Greetings from Slovenija

  2. Victoria, as always, beautiful! I really enjoy the chance to see your photography!

  3. Love detailed close ups like this one.

  4. Beautiful picture of the bumblebee, you can almost touch it!
    Greetings from Yvon

  5. That is getting up close and personal with that bee. Beautiful shot with great detail. I know what you mean about the spam jerks. I had to do the same thing on a blog that was nothing but my pet pictures. They would make some stupid comment and point to a drug sales site.


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