Thursday, September 9, 2010

Something different for today... wild horse from the Pryor Mountains... Spring 2010

wild horse close-up
The Pryor Mountains, which span the Wyoming/Montana border, are home to a herd of wild horses. Although I grew up in Wyoming and Montana and have visited numerous times since heading east years ago to attend college (and staying after that until the present date), until this past June, I'd never visited the wild horse preserve. Now that we visit annually due to our ownership of a house in nearby Red Lodge, Montana, I spent a day with a high school classmate (an accomplished photographer) searching out the horses and photographing them. This is just one of the many images from our adventure... and I'm quite proud of it!


  1. Cool! Beautiful photos and beautiful horse. I would love to be able to see those wild horses.

  2. That is a great image, and that face says a lot!

  3. Wow! That must have been some adventure! I can't imagine being able to get so close to wild horses!


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