Sunday, May 1, 2011

Color Explosion... Tulip Beauty... Spring, 2011!

red and yellow tulip
I've recently discovered that the size I'm using to post my images doesn't work well on smaller screens... and it also doesn't work on the iPad. So I'm experimenting with posting a smaller size and will be testing viewing on my laptop and elsewhere to see if this helps. Larger

I'll be posting this to Macro Monday over at Lisa's Chaos shortly... come on over and join the fun. Also, please be aware that I'll be slower than usual returning visits due to a floor refinishing and painting project that starts tomorrow... while my house is torn apart... my computer will be in the shop. I'll still have my laptop but it slows me down a lot to use that!


  1. That certainly is a color explosion! What a beauty! Our tulips have finally just started to show flower buds.

  2. The larger version seems exactly the same size as the one on this page.

    Such a good colour tulip. Enjoy them, They go over so fast.

  3. Fantastic color and shallow DoF!

  4. I'm guessing my long and big-image posts are totally prohibitive on your laptop, Victoria. So sorry. :( Take care of your house project and you computer and then come back when you can. In the meantime, keep up these macro shots!

  5. What a fantastic image! If you haven't guessed, I've become a bit obsessed with tulips since I became Dutchbaby.

    Good luck on your painting and refinishing projects. May I recommend an extra cup of tea with a nice piece of apple pie?

  6. Beautiful colour in this photo!


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