Sunday, May 1, 2011

Squirrel proof... HA! I think not... Spring, 2011...

So much for my newest squirrel-proof feeder. I will have to try to get a longer shot of their technique, but they have certainly figured this one out after a couple of months of failure at getting seed from it. Clockwise from top left (link in each description leads to a larger image):
Quick reminder that I might be slower than usual returning visits due to a floor refinishing and painting project causing chaos at my house... and while my house is torn apart... my computer will be in the shop. I'll still have my laptop but it slows me down a lot to use that!

Meanwhile, I'll be sharing this over at communal global shortly... my today was total chaos due to the above mentioned home improvement project so I'm sharing this collage of squirrels from a few days ago.


  1. Incredibly smart little critter! You caught him in the act: great shots!

  2. They are so sneaky! Made for great photos, tho. :)

  3. Oh my those shots!!! Thanks for linking up with us over at Communal Global :)

  4. Impressive! I have the same feeder but the California squirrels are not as clever. I hope this squirrel doesn't tweet or blog about this technique.

  5. So cute - - - the little bird seed thief!

    Fisherhubby hung up a regular bird feeder, but he suspended it from a tree with FISHING LINE.

    I watched a squirrel try to get it, but the fishing line was just too tough for him. He had to settle for picking up left-overs from the ground beneath the feeder.

  6. Wow! Great captures! I guess those squirrels are too smart for their own good, right? LOL

  7. Haha, these are great! I love watching squirrels figure out ways to get into bird feeders!


  8. You have just shown exactly why we call these critters PESTS in Georgia, Victoria. Most people think of pellet/BB guns when the word squirrel is ever uttered! Don't you wonder how they got to be so smart?! Anyway, I do love your collage work. From one fan to another. :)


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