Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scenic Colorado... what a marvelous place to be in the fall...

Just a quick post of one of my favorite landscape images from the Colorado photography tour mentioned in my previous post. And Dutchbaby, if you are listening, check my vacation blog (all others are welcome too) if you want to see more about taking pictures with an iPhone and the apps I used.

collage of images as described
This image was taken with a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 18-200mm lens; three bracketed exposures were combined with Nik HDR Efex Pro. It will most likely be included in my upcoming gallery show (for which I've been frantically preparing since my return from out west) that opens November 5, 2011 at Photoworks of Glen Echo Park. I will be one of three photographers featured in the show.


  1. That's sure pretty! Colorado is a beautiful place to be when the aspens are in full color!

  2. Beautiful composition and contrasts between the warm tones of the trees in the foreground and the cooler, desaturated tones of the mountain and sky.

  3. Astrid will love seeing this image, Victoria, because she just picked up her new Nikkor 18-200 lens when we arrived in Atlanta last Thursday. She had previously owned the Sigma 18-200 without image stabilizer. She is LOVING the new lens!

    Congratulations on your upcoming gallery show. I will love hearing more about it once it opens. How long will it last, I wonder? I wish I could pop over to be there in person. Maybe you can show us all the pictures you're showing?? You go, Girl!

  4. Wow, you're serious about photography, aren't you? Beautiful! Is the gallery show a solo or featuring many photographers? Sounds cool.


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