Friday, October 7, 2011

Something new and different from me... iPhone photos!

collage of images as described
I recently attended a six-day photography workshop shooting fall color in Colorado. It was led by John Barclay and Dan Sniffin and was an absolutely fantastic experience. My brain has been filled to overflowing with new ways of looking at a scene in terms of how to shoot it. In addition, learning about a few applications (apps) for shooting and processing images on the iPhone has been mind-blowing in terms of getting me to think more creatively about presentation of images.

The two images in this collage were both taken with an iPhone 4g. (Please view full size of each using links in the following sentences; including in a collage meant cropping part of each of the images to fit the collage template.) The one on the left was taken with the HDR feature of the Camera app supplied by Apple and available on all iPhones. The one on the right was taken using a program called BracketMode (available for a small fee from the Apple App Store) that takes two exposures, one that is exposed properly for the dark areas of the image and one that is exposed properly for the light areas of the image. The two exposures were then merged using the Pro HDR app to get the final result.

(Note to self... learn how to make my own collage templates to display things as I want them displayed!) Note to readers: I've been home briefly for two days after having been away for three weeks. I am away again to visit family in nearby Pennsylvania for the weekend. I'll be back online properly next week and will visit blogs then.


  1. Both images are gorgeous. I don't have an iPhone yet!

  2. Thank you for sharing your new-found knowledge. I am very interested in both apps, could you share the names each? The image on the right is fantastic!

    I'm still gimping around with my iPhone 3G, which doesn't hold a charge for a full day any longer. Now that the iPhone 5 is delayed, I may switch to an Android phone. I have to do research on the quality of the cameras on the Androids.

  3. These iPhone apps just blow me away, Victoria! I can see you're like a kid in the candy store. Have fun!

    Did you know that you can use the sliders on those collages to include more of the image that you want? You can also change the color of your borders, etc., etc. Let me know if I need to help you out with this...?

  4. Victoria, It was such a pleasure having you as a part of our photo tour group in Colorado. I'm sure the images you took with your "big girl" camera turned out well, too!

  5. I really like the image on the right, with the colors transitioning from yellow to red to green. I too like to experiment with my iPhone. Awesome little cameras! Lately, I would also like to learn how to do borders and collage templates, so if you figure it out, please do share! Great post.


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