Monday, September 19, 2011

Clouded Sulphur butterfly on Spotted Knapweed... Montana!

Thought I'd post this collage today just so folks don't think I've dropped off the face of the earth while I'm traveling out west. I will get around to blogs eventually but am slower than usual while on travel.

collage of clouded sulphur butterflies on spotted knapweed flowers
I'm traveling light which means I do not have my macro lens with me. These images were taken with a 70-300mm Nikon telephoto lens (leftover from my film camera that works perfectly fine on my Nikon D90). The image on the left was taken at 300mm while standing about 10 feet away from the action. The other two were taken with the same lens from the same distance but using a 1.4x tele-converter to get closer to the action. I rather like how these turned out, especially since shooting from further away meant that the butterflies weren't disturbed by my presence!

I'll be posting this to Macro Monday over at Lisa's Chaos... come on over and join the fun! If you'd like to view the collage up closer, click on the image. The images on the left, middle and right are also available to view large if you want to have a closer look.


  1. Really nice shots... I especially like the ones taken with the tele-converter.

  2. I can definitely see the difference with the ones taken with the converter. They are all lovely images Victoria.

  3. All great images! Love the complementary purple and yellow. Were these handheld or did you use a tripod/monopod?

  4. Nice shots of the Sulphur! I've done the same thing with my 70-300. It works well!

  5. Good for you, Victoria. That reminds me that I have brought my teleconverter lenses with me here to Texel, where we are for a long weekend. Hmmm. I need to get thyem out and USE them. HA! You are always my inspiration. :)

  6. Victoria, these are so pretty. We have a similar butterfly. It may be the same, I am not sure. I'm still trying to get a photo of the ones we have. I love how you captured them on the knapweed.

    kateri @


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