Friday, September 16, 2011

Experiment with Vari-ND filter... western exposure!

I'm currently in Red Lodge, Montana and will soon be in Colorado for a photography workshop shooting fall color in the Rockies. A Vari-ND filter is one piece of equipment that it was recommended we bring with us to the photography workshop. Since I've never used one before, it seemed to make sense to spend some time learning a bit about it before the workshop.

The image below shows two shots of the same scene (camera moved a bit so the images aren't exactly identical). Compare the water appearance in the two photos and you will be able to see the difference between shooting with (on the right) and without (on the left) a Vari-ND filter. I have much more to learn about using this filter but wanted to share these images with you and let you know that I'm mostly away from blogging while traveling in the wild west.

collage of images as described
This is the West Fork of Rock Creek as seen from under the bridge at the entry to the parking lot for the Silver Run hiking trail. I was balancing my tripod on rocks and myself as well so was having trouble keeping the exact same scene in my viewfinder.


  1. I will be interested in seeing your results with that filter. I've thought about getting one but have no experience with them at all. Have a great time at the workshop! I hope the weather will be good for you!

  2. OK, Victoria. So I had to Google this filter and see that it is good for blurring motion, selective focus, and macro. No wonder you will like it. We will be the lucky recipients of your photography workshop, let alone your images of Montana and Colorado!

  3. I love the blurring effect the filter has on the water.

    You must be having so much fun on this travel and photography adventure!


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