Sunday, April 1, 2012

Announcing a new blog...

I've decided it is time to separate my iPhone photography passion out from this blog and have started a new blog to discuss how I achieved (as my first post) the following image. :-)

collage of images as described
Title: Better Energy as seen through a steamy window in Manhattan (note, if you go to my other blog, you will discover that the effects were achieved through the magic of various iPhone photography apps and that the original image was not taken through a steamy window)

As a bonus, here is another image of two Camellias (both growing on the SAME bush in my garden). Again, this was done with several iPhone apps which I may discuss in a later post but am anxious to get up here since it has been SO LONG since I've posted on Macro Monday over at Lisa's Chaos... I'll be posting this later over there... come on over and join the fun!.

collage of images as described

I'm off on another trip shortly but will be trying, once again, to catch up with blogs. I've been sick with bronchitis for over two weeks and am only now starting to feel human again... just in time to head off on another adventure!

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  1. Good idea, Victoria, to separate blogs like this. Makes sense to me. Now...GET WELL!


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