Monday, January 31, 2011

Cardinal Collage... Mr. and Mrs. in snow... Winter 2011

I just cannot resist the cardinals... especially in winter when their colors stand out so beautifully in the gloom. Later in the week, I'll post some full size views of these beautiful birds but thought you might like to see them enjoying my newest squirrel proof feeder and posing on my snowy deck rail.


  1. Do not ever resist them, Victoria, because they are so beautiful to see here. I never see them here in Holland, so if you don't show them, when will I see them! I especially love that you got both the Mr. AND the Mrs. :) They're such posers.

  2. Beautiful shots! I can not help but think of Grandma Everytime I see a cardinal. When ever one is posted on my window sill, I feel like she is reminding me of her constant presence. Thank you for sharing.-Tammy

  3. What super shots! Outstanding! I seldom get to even see one, much less have a chance to photograph it. You did it so well.


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