Sunday, January 9, 2011

A snowy winter collage... January 2011

collage with plants and cardinal
Another collage experiment! These images are, clockwise from top left, a small portion of Leucothoe during our recent, light snowfall; masterful Mr. Cardinal strutting on our deck, an extreme close-up of Rosemary with snow and another extreme close-up of Nandina berries with snow.

The extreme close-ups were taken with a 105mm macro lens and the 36mm extension tube (from a set of 3 Kenko extension tubes) on my Nikon D90.

The snowfall the other day didn't amount to much but still lent itself to experiments in photography. Next time it snows, I hope to make it out before the snow stops falling and starts melting... would LOVE to capture some individual snowflakes one of these days.


  1. All that red is very festive!

  2. Fantastic images :) All of them!

  3. Your experiment has rendered terrific results. Great focus, DoF, and composition.

  4. You are already an expert with collage work, Victoria. YAY! And seeing your macro work makes me more determined than ever to get out my macro lens and extension tubes to see what I can come up with this 2011. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Very attractive collage, but the Cardinal steals the show! That's such a gorgeous shot of him!

  6. Your experiment with collages has a great result! Beautiful red colours, and I love the cardinal bird!
    Greetings, Yvon


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