Friday, January 7, 2011

Variable Cracker Butterfly... Butterfly Conservatory Image...

Variable Cracker butterfly dining on orange segments
There is quite a lot of information on the "Blue Cracker" butterfly to be found when searching for butterflies similar to this one. BUT, when a search was done on the scientific name for the so-called Blue Cracker, MANY references to the Red Cracker butterfly were found... but none of those images had the "red bar" on the fore-wing that this butterfly has.

More exhaustive searching around on Google finally turned up an image that looks very similar to this one, leading me to believe this is Hamadryas feronia, commonly called the Variable Cracker. The "cracker" part of the name refers to the noise the male of this butterfly species makes as part of their territorial display. Isn't he just gorgeous?! (I certainly have no idea if it is a he or a she butterfly... either way... I'm quite pleased with how this turned out!)


  1. You should be pleased with this. It's gorgeous! What a beautiful creature! I've never seen one of them.

  2. Beautiful picture of this cracker butterfly! Stunning pattern at the wings. And it is a he, although I'm tempted to say, because of its elegance, a butterfly must definite be a she ...
    Greetings, Yvon

  3. What a beautiful pattern on the wings. Great capture.

  4. You have every right to be pleased with this, Victoria. I'm most amazed at how its body matches its wings!

  5. Splendid details of this cracker butterfly. Thanks for sharing!


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