Thursday, March 24, 2011

Camellia and Helleborus collage... after the rain stopped...

helleborus and camellia collage
I added a Helleborus close-up to complete this collage because I only had three Camellia images. This Camellia of mine produces all three of the bloom types you see here... it is really quite wonderful. And for the first time this past fall, it produced late fall, early winter blossoms as well as being COVERED with a profusion of spring blossoms right now.

A master gardener (which I am not) told me I should seriously prune this bush back since it is now over six feet tall. Since I have no clue when/how to prune it, I've let it continue to grow. It does need pruning so I'll research how to do it. When we get heavy, wet snow (as we did the past two winters), the entire plant bows down and kisses the driveway from it's perch a couple of feet above it in a raised bed along the side of the house.


  1. Wow, are those ever gorgeous!

  2. I love the photo of the half white & half pink flower. Beautiful camellia collage.

  3. Look how thirsty they are, Victoria, and so totally...ALIVE. Gorgeous.

  4. All gorgeous!!!

    dubonnet (flickr)

  5. Our neighbors have the same beauty in their yard... and theirs is over 8 ft high. Immaculate yard... so I wouldn't cut it back. ;o)JMO

    be blessed!


  6. One plant produces all three types of blossoms? Wow, what a great plant! I love the half pink/half white blossom. I wonder what the northern limit is for growing this plant? Pretty photos,too! jeff


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