Sunday, March 13, 2011

Orchids, orchids, orchids... at the Philadelphia Flower Show!

photo collage of orchid images
I wasn't super happy with ANY of the photos that I came home with from the Philadelphia Flower Show. Between the low light and the crowds, it was very difficult to get into position for "best shots." Because of my experience lugging a tripod last year, I chose to leave the tripod at home... way too hard to position a tripod without causing inconvenience to others... and hand holding was tricky too because of jostling by the throngs eager to see the displays.

That said, I'll probably post another collage eventually but the orchids were phenomenal so I'm sharing this one first. Putting the images together in a collage makes it easier to overlook the flaws! :-)


  1. Gorgeous collage Victoria. Although all orchids photos, each one is different from the other.

  2. Like most photographers, Victoria, you are way too critical of yourself! This took my breath away when it opened. Did you know that here in the Netherlands almost everybody grows orchids on their windowsills? It still amazes me. Astrid has 6 pots on our sill right now, 3 of which are in full bloom. The others will come along shortly. :)

  3. They are beautiful blossoms, Victoria. I would like to see that show, but I know I couldn't stand the crowds.

  4. Lovely! I'd love to go to a show like that, but like Montucky, I don't think I could tolerate the crowds, either.


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