Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buzzzzzz.... Busy Bees in Mahonia... March 16, 2010

busy bees in Mahonia blossoms
One of the earliest signs of spring in my garden is the bees going after the pollen in the Mahonia blossoms... this plant is so amazing... it has something of beauty to look at year-round and also provides the pollen gatherers with LOTS to go after. My only problem is that I'm really afraid of bees so fear getting close enough to get really great shots with my macro lens! Maybe I should try my 70-300mm zoom on a tripod since that would put me further back. The other issue with capturing these busy bees is that spring seems to wake them up quite nicely and they are REALLY moving around a LOT which also makes for difficulty capturing their images on camera.

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  1. As a beekeeper (I have two hives) I always enjoy seeing shots of them. Even getting really close with a macro lens the bees won't touch you. Bees see diffently to us so what most attracts them is something moving quickly. If you move slowly they can't tell that you are something worth stinging. That is why people who frantically wave their arms and body around in the presence of a bee are the ones most likely to be stung. While gardening this week I had them millimetres away from my face as they were gathering pollen from the snowdrops and they didn't even acknowledge my existance.


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