Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunlight and shadow on a Hellebore... March 20, 2010

Hellebore blossom and buds
Anyone familiar with Hellebore plants will know that it is extremely difficult to get a shot such as this one without doing something to make the bloom face upward rather than the natural down-to-the-ground orientation. Awhile back, I ordered an accessory called a "Plamp" made by Wimberley, Inc. It is "an articulating arm used to hold macro subjects" according to their literature and allows one to pull back stems of flowers (as I did here) to get the flower itself into a more favorable "pose" for picture taking.


  1. The flower is posing beautifully for you. Excellent detail Victoria.

  2. Lovely! Thanks again for showing me a small part of the world :)


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