Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh go on... You don't really want my picture... Do you???

fly shaking fist at me
Poured down rain early this morning (storm woke me shortly after 6 AM)... rain stopped by mid-morning... out in the garden... macro lens in hand... spotted this fly trying to dry his wings and needed the flash to capture him... he didn't much like the flash and here he seems to be telling me so...

fly on leaf
I know I'm disgusting to most... But I'm quite a marvel seen close-up... Here's Mr. Fly... back on top of the leaf a couple minutes after I snapped the above photo of him raising a fist at me! (Maybe an entomologist can confirm the identification for me... I think this is a house fly but I swear I haven't yet found a photo of him anywhere on the internet that confirms my suspicions.)

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  1. Great macros! I alwyas love green and red together, even if there's a fly involved :)


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