Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pollen gathering Hoverfly... not going to let ONE grain escape!!!

Hoverfly on Balloon flower
Could not begin to imagine what he was doing at the very tip of the flower petal... until the photo was on my computer. It seems the heavy winds of yesterday had blown pollen all along the petal and this little guy was busily gathering each and every grain of pollen. I just love his stance and the sunlight on his wings... hope you enjoy this too. :-)


  1. Photos on your blog look much better now! Wonderful photo, great color and composition and detail. Not sure I see what you are saying on the comments. From my view, everything on the comment side looks normal

  2. Hey, that's a super macro! Absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by my garden blog and giving me the information on hoverflies. They are so fast that I tried to take a closeup numerous times before giving up.
    I post insects a number of times a month and would love some more help on IDs.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston


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