Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweat bee? Fly? Iridescent pollen gatherer on Yarrow...

Am posting several photos today now that I've worked out how to get them incorporated without artifacts... cannot seem to do that without adding the photo to a Picasa album first (using "Blog this" link from Flickr sends photos over the wrong size for my blog and adjusting sizes introduces artifacts.) Please also note that I'm using the large size photo from my Picasa album so if you are viewing this blog on a small screen, you may not see the full image without scrolling... check to see that you see the tiny black border on all four sides and enjoy!

iny iridescent fly gathering pollen on Yarrow blossom
During a break in the rain on June 18, 2009, I wandered down the street to see what wondrous things I could find in my neighboring gardens... who needs an arboretum when one is lucky enough to live in a neighborhood filled with gardens! Caught this guy scoring some pollen and then he flitted away...

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