Thursday, December 16, 2010

Atlas Moths mating... Do not disturb... Butterfly Conservatory at the National Museum of Natural History`

Atlas Moths mating
I'm a bit laid up with a bum ankle so am posting this as my apology for not visiting your blogs as I'd promised. I hope you all are having a better week than mine has turned out to be after falling yesterday and banging myself up… the sore ankle is making it quite difficult to do much of anything other than lay around! (although I may lay around WITH my laptop this afternoon and see how that goes because it could work to allow me to keep my feet up while on-line via wireless)

The Atlas Moth Attacus atlas) is believed to be the largest species of moth with wing spans that may reach 25–30 cm (10–12 in). We were told by one of the guides at the Conservatory that they mate for hours... they have no mouths so cannot eat... they do nothing except mate, lay eggs and then die. The female is the larger of the species and is mostly hidden behind the male in this close view that shows the lovely, feathery antennae of this species. Refer to Wikipedia for additional information.

I visited the Butterfly Conservatory of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY twice to get this picture... the first day we were there, they were mating on a glass window too far away for capturing and I didn't have my macro lens anyway. The next day, they had relocated (maybe it was even a different pair) to a MUCH better location AND I had my macro lens with me.


  1. Definitely need a trip to Wikipedia for this one! NO mouths? Fascinating!

    I really hope you are feeling better after your fall!!!

  2. It is amazing to me that the caterpillars CAN feed and the adult moths cannot! Did you know Atlas moth cocoons have been employed as purses in Taiwan? I want to see one! Anyway, thanks for the interesting photo! I learned something! :)

  3. The details of the wings are just amazing! And, ouch!- I hope you'll be feeling better soon Victoria.

  4. STUNNING photo of these mating moths!!! Beautiful!!!
    I hope your ankle is feeling better after two days.
    Greetings from Yvon

  5. It's like couples who stay in bed all day long when they first meet, Victoria. HA! They don't eat either, sometimes. :D Beautiful your exceptional style.

  6. Rats! I neglected to say I sure hope your ankle is better by now! Maybe your body was telling you you needed to slow down a bit??

  7. Thanks so much to Ginnie, Yvon, Kala and Chris for the lovely comments and the concern about my fall and bum ankle. It's better by now but not 100% (the older we get, the longer these things take)... at least I'm not letting it stop me from doing most things... dancing is out for the time being though!

    And thanks Randy, TWTME_ADMIN, too for stopping by! :-)


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