Thursday, December 2, 2010

Late fall visitor to late blooming Blanket Flower... November, 2010

sweat bee in blanket flower
Because I was expecting visitors for Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to go out and do some garden cleanup (dead/dying tomato plants and some other dead growth) so I wouldn't be embarrassed at the condition of my garden. Imagine my surprise to find this charming sweat bee exploring a Blanket Flower in search of pollen.

The weather has finally turned colder so I doubt I'll have any more opportunities to photograph insects in my garden until spring!


  1. Wow, what a great shot! That's the kind of surprise I like!

  2. Excellent details you've captured! (It is cold here now too)

  3. He is such a beautiful shimmery little fellow! There is nothing like company to inspire us to clean up our gardens! I did the same thing on Thanksgiving!

  4. I'm gobsmacked, over and over again, Victoria, by your macro work. One day, I keep saying. One day.

    Last week was bitter cold here every day, around 20-F during the day. Since yesterday we're back up above freezing, around 35-F, for the rest of this week...before it turns cold again. But I love it. I want to see ice-skating on the canals again!


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