Monday, December 6, 2010

A trio of Hydrangea images... which one do you prefer?

antique effect on Hydrangea blossoms
I love my Hydrangea blossoms when they are in bud, or bursting into bloom... and even when they are faded at the end of the blooming season. I keep hoping for frost so I can get some images of the faded blossoms kissed by frost.

In the meantime, I use iPhoto on a Macintosh computer for simple editing when I'm too lazy to do anything complicated with Photoshop. I upgraded recently to the very latest version... while poking around to see what new items were available for tweaking images, I discovered "antique" and "boost" effects, both of which were used to give interesting effects to the Hydrangea blossom you see above with the "antique" effect applied. Scroll down to see the SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) image followed by the image with the "boost" option at 2. I like them all ... which one do you like best?!

unretouched Hydrangea blossom
SOOC image of faded Hydrangea blossom.

Hydrangea blossom with color boost set at level 2 (using iPhoto on a Macintosh).


  1. That's a hard choice, Victoria, but I know you won't be surprised by my response: I actually like them most in the order in which you've presented them. :) Having said that, each one has its own merit. How's that for being politically correct. :D

  2. The firs one because of the warm tones. But they're all lovely!

  3. I pick #2. I love hydrengas. I've never grown them though. I guess that is one more bush I need to add to my ever growing list of things to plant. :)


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