Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two Confused Camellia blossoms for your viewing pleasure...

white camellia with a touch of pink
This time of year, thoughts turn to the weather because the garden goes dormant and we have to wait until spring for color in the garden. BUT, our weather this fall has been unseasonably warm and my spring blooming Camellia has decided to bloom now instead of waiting until spring. It's quite lovely with white, bi-color pink and white (as you see here with just a splash of pink, but sometimes much more pink than white) and even a few solid pinks now and then. I fear this means I'll have no blossoms in spring so I've been out photographing a few this past week to have the images to enjoy now and again in spring.

pink camellia with a touch of white
I don't normally post two images but as I was typing the above image caption, I realized maybe you'd like to see the mostly pink blossom as well as the white and I have WAY more images than I have time to post them! The pink image is a touch out of focus because those blossoms are in a spot where I have to balance precariously in order to photograph them.


  1. Your "bonus" flowers look fantastic! Especially if you don't expect them to bloom now.

  2. Very pretty! Several years ago I was visiting family in the DC area and saw these blooming in December. I didn't know what they were at the time. It looks like snow and real cold (low 20's) came in with December. I doubt even my panies will surive this cold snap. Enjoy your flowers while they last!

  3. Those blossoms are lovely! They know of course that by blooming now they will get all of the attention!

  4. An early Christmas present, Victoria! Sometimes even Mother Nature gets giddy with such excitement. Your images are gorgeous!


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