Saturday, November 27, 2010

A life well lived... portrait of a great lady!

lady in red
Since I'm not real sure I should be posting full names here... I will just tell you that this image is a candid photo of a friend's mother, whom I met this past week. She is here visiting her son who hosted us and some other friends to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. She is an amazing woman at 99 years young... friends in her home town of Memphis have told her that they didn't celebrate her 99th birthday because they plan a big party for her 100th! There is an article available if you would like to read more about her.

In the meantime, I don't normally post images of people and almost never take "posed" pictures... but this struck me because her dress almost perfectly matches the chair and I love the attentive look on her face as she is paying close attention to the lively conversation and chiming in often!


  1. Such a wonderful portrait of a beautiful lady!

  2. Wow, she sounds like an amazing lady. (I read the article.)That is a beautiful portrait you took of her. What a privilege it must have been to have met her.

  3. This is just wonderful, Victoria, and I'm so glad you did something you don't normally do. My SIL's g'ma will be 101 in January and is still going strong, similar to this lady. Amazing!

  4. What a beautiful lady!!! And a beautiful portrait, wow!
    Greetings from Yvon


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