Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fifth of Five in Round One Portfolio for Photography Slam competition...

hoverfly on blue flower
As I've been typing the titles for these images, I cannot help but think of Star Trek: Voyager and Seven of Nine (the Borg character played by Jeri Ryan). (OK ... so I like sci-fi on television... but I like to read sci-fi too!)

Anyway, this imge, Tiny dancer..., is of a hoverfly on a balloon flower petal and is the last of the images in my winning first round portfolio in the contest described in an earlier post.


  1. Love the colors!!! You take such perfect photographs!

  2. Wow--LOVE this one! Looks like the fly is about to take off on a magic carpet ride. It could be an illustration in a fairy tale book.

  3. Wow, you nailed the focus on this one. Excellent!

  4. Hi Victoria,

    I love this photograph! What a great position for the insect. I hope that but knows just what an artistic soul it has! You would think that bugs don't think about things like feng shui or modeling positions, but no, no, no--obviously bugs are hyper-aware of just how great they look in the larger world. And how nice that he (or she) sent some sort of psychic signal to you to run and grab your camera and capture its pose as it showed off its artistic bent! :)

    By the way, you asked about workshops,etc. and right now I have nothing planned (come to think of it, I don't have much planned for any aspect of my life!), but that could change. And I'd always be happy to provide ideas for good New England locations in autumn or any other time of year. But the great thing about New England is that you can avoid highways ENTIRELY and never get lost--you'll either end up in the Atlantic Ocean or Canada or back where you started :)

    I think that Vermont's Route 100 is a great north/south road to explore, as is Route 16 in eastern New Hampshire. And if you follow 16 to Maine, it will lead you to the incredible town of Rangeley, Maine and all those beautiful Maine lakes.

    But maybe I should organize a workshop--good idea!

    Bug feng shui, who knew? :)



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