Friday, November 12, 2010

Photography Slam 2010 Results... Second Place in a field of 40!

hoverflies on a wildflower
Sharing..., three hoverflies on a wildflower, is the first of five images from my round one portfolio. With apologies to those of you who know this already and are probably bored by the news... I'm quite excited about having taken second place in a field of 40 photographers entered and will be posting the images here over the next few days.

If you have ever been to a poetry slam competition, you might guess that a Photography Slam is modeled after a poetry slam... As part of FotoWeek DC 2010 (an annual photography event in Washington, DC), Photoworks (a photography resource and education center based at Glen Echo Park), sponsored a Photography Slam competition.

Photographers entered a total of six images; five images made up a portfolio for the first stage of the competition. The images were projected and judged in four rounds of 10 entrants in each round. The top three entrants from each round advanced to the second round where one image alone was judged against the other finalists. My portfolio of five macro images took second place in the second round and advanced to the finals where my Mammoth Hot Springs image impressed the judges enough to give me second place overall. (missed first place by 0.6 point) The prize for each of the three winning contestants is participation in a gallery show at Photoworks during Foto Week 2011!


  1. Congratulations! Your photos are certainly worthy of coming in on top.

  2. I would be too excited to believe it if it were me, Victoria...but not you. You deserve it.


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