Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Something different for today... a view of fall colors from the inside looking out... November 1, 2010

fall colors through a window
Sometimes I post the month and year... sometimes the entire date that an image was taken. It all depends on my mood at the time... so don't be confused if the post date is different from the date in the title of an image!

This is one of the images from a photo shoot during a class given by David Luria, founder and director of Washington Photo Safari. We were "on location" at Strathmore and spent time in the classroom i the Mansion and then on the grounds experimenting with various techniques, looking for the best light and angles for our images. The rest of the images I like best from that outing may be viewed in less than a minute as a slide show. I didn't include the macro images that I took in the slide show but will add at least one of those to this blog in the next few days. (For readers not familiar with Strathmore, check the link and remember for any time you visit the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area in the US... the Strathmore Music Center is a premier place for hearing marvelous music (fantastic acoustics) so keep it in mind in case you ever have the opportunity to hear music there.)

David had many excellent suggestions which we tried to follow in capturing our images... it's always nice to learn new things and be reminded of things once known from years of shooting with my first REAL camera which was a Nikon DSLR with a metal body. I loved that camera (cannot recall the exact model number) which I used for 12 years before it and all my lenses were stolen from the house into which I moved in 1981!


  1. Victoria, Love the window shot. Looks like you had an excellent vista. Isn't it amazing how some of the nicest places for things like art and music also make for great photographs.

    Sorry to hear about your camera gear getting stolen. Hopefully, you've got it all sorted out now and can get back to shooting.

    Love your macro work. Great stuff!


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