Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wild Clematis, beautiful garden volunteer or weed? Flowers are lovely...

white wild clematis blossoms
This wild Clematis, botanical name Clematis vitalba, is a garden volunteer and was growing in a very weird spot when I first moved into my home almost 30 years ago. I kept it because of the beautiful fragrance when the tiny flowers burst into bloom in late summer. After a while, I finally had someone dig it up and move it into a better spot and now train it to climb a trellis and provide a lovely show every year!

While searching for the botanical name of this plant, I found an article explaining that this plant is not native to North America, is extremely invasive, and is therefore considered a weed!


  1. Those are so pretty, I've never noticed the flowers on wild clematis, even though I have been around it most of life. The white fluffy seed heads in the fall are eyecatching though.

  2. Beautiful details and depth of field Victoria.

  3. Go figure, Victoria. Some weeds out there are the prettiest of all flowers!


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