Sunday, December 19, 2010

Three views of a Leopard Lacewing butterfly...

Leopard Lacewing with proboscis curled
It would be very nice if the folks at the American Museum of Natural History would post the names of the butterflies on view in the Butterfly Conservatory. That said, there is a certain satisfaction to be had in poking around on the internet to compare my photos with others out there and to see if I can find an ID on my own... in the case of these three images... mission accomplished! It took the visual guide downloaded from the Pacific Science Center plus a search of Wikipedia for Lacewing to find the common name of Leopard Lacewing and the species name of Cethosia cyane for this beauty.

I captured quite a few images of it trying to find the "sweet spot" for drinking nectar from these tiny Pentas blossoms the one above is during a pause in the action with the proboscis tightly curled up. (and note the ladybug on the leaf below the butterfly... not the point of focus but definitely visible once the image was out of the camera and viewed on a big monitor!)

Leopard Lacewing, wings folded
This view shows the underside of the wings... in this species... the underside is perhaps more beautiful than the top side of the wings.

Top view of Leopard Lacewing
Another topside view... and another miss while trying to find the flower center!


  1. What a beautiful "three times a lady" Leopard Lacewing butterfly, Victoria. You can be proud of yourself...not only for capturing her so well but figuring out who she is. :)

  2. Beautiful clarity and composition in the middle image!


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