Saturday, April 9, 2011

In memory of Robin... August 15, 1937 - April 6, 2011

pink flowering tree blossom
My half-brother Robin passed away April 6, 2011 after a long illness. Many family members (myself included) were with him at the end. He was an avid gardener and spent many happy hours studying plants as well as growing many lovely specimens in his garden.

Thanks to montucky at Montana Outdoors, I now know the name of the flowering tree whose blossom I've shown here. My sister-in-law told me the plant name was "oo-me" which I spelled phonetically to represent how she pronounced it. I'd tried to find information about it by just about every possible combination and permutation of letters and had failed to find it. But thanks to montucky, I now know it the name is spelled "ume" and the tree, Prunus mume, is known by several common names, among them Japanese apricot and Chinese plum. The blossoms range from white to the deep pink shown here.

I'm posting this image in Robin's memory as it seems a fitting tribute to share something of beauty that he enjoyed. I promise to return visits as soon as I'm able but am spending family time this week and am not online nearly as much as usual. (did take a few minutes time today to post this at Macro Monday over at Lisa's Chaos... stop by and join the fun...)


  1. I'm sorry about your loss, Tory. My thoughts will be with you. There is a Japanese plum known as ume that has pink blossoms.

  2. Sorry for this sad news, Victoria, and may my best thoughts be with you and your beloved ones. I wish you find the strength to support your family to overcome this, life must go on but posting this beautiful image is a nice and kind way to remember your brother. Take care, and my best wishes for you, Victoria

  3. I am so sorry for your loss Victoria.

  4. What a gorgous & beautiful flower to tribute to your half brother. Best wishes

  5. Robin would have loved this, Victoria, and been so proud of you. I'm glad you found out the real name, finally, of this tree. This is a fitting tribute to a man who was a gardener. May you find solace in knowing he is now released from his illness. And may you grieve well for his loss!

  6. It is a fitting tribute for a brother who loved plants. I am so sorry for your loss.


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