Saturday, April 2, 2011

Raindrops on Helleborus Petals... Spring, 2011

helleborus with raindrops
After the previous post, anything will look pale by comparison to the intense colors of the Crocus. This is another close-up with my 105mm macro lens... but no extension tubes were used for this one. I rather like the fact that only one droplet is in sharp focus on the Helleborus leaving the rest of the image to mostly recede into the background.

I'm posting this so it's ready for sharing on Macro Monday over at Lisa's Chaos... check it out and join the fun!


  1. From Oslo, Victoria, congratulations. It almost looks like a resin's so perfect!

  2. Lovely! The rain drop looks like a pink pearl.

  3. this is lovely..dew drops are perfect macro subject.

    Here’s My Macro Monday: Multicolor Push Pins

  4. Gorgeous photo of the water droplets on the petal...

  5. Beautiful droplets!
    Great shot with perfect focus!

  6. Lovely details of the droplets.

    Happy Macro Monday Victoria!

  7. I like that single drop too. It presents it like a jewel!


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