Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are you taking my picture again? Female Cardinal at my feeder... February, 2010

female cardinal at feeder
We have had SO MUCH snow this winter that we've reached a record since snowfall has been recorded in our area... 55.6" (141.224 cm) so far this winter of 2009/2010 in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

We had SUN today and everyone is digging out... but patience is wearing thin with the mess left behind by two blizzard category storms that dumped huge amounts of snow on us in less than one week's time.

The good news for me in all this MESS is that the gallery where my photography show is happening was able, in spite of the storm, to meet with me today to organize hanging the show which is now advertised on the gallery web site.

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  1. Mrs. Cardinal is looking very lovely with that bit of snow on her beak!


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