Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hudson River Panorama from October, 2009

Hudson River panorama with West Point
A bit of a change-up with this post... a panoramic view of the Hudson River Valley with West Point in the distance on the far shore. This was taken from the grounds of the Boscobel Mansion on the eastern shore of the Hudson the first weekend in October. This is another one of the images that will be included in the gallery show of my photography... opening Feb 12, 2010 and running until March 4,, 2010 at a local Bethesda, MD gallery. (The complete set of images that will be included may be viewed as a slide show if you care to have a look.)

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  1. Talk about a photo that you can't take your eyes off of! Wow!

    I don't know photography lingo (my one and only photography class was 25 years ago!) but I think the word I want is composition. That photo just seems perfectly composed to me.


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