Sunday, February 7, 2010

Robin in Holly tree... February snow storm!

robin eating berry in holly tree
Our recent storm of Feb 5-6, 2010 dropped over two feet of snow in my yard. (others in the greater DC metropolitan area reported over 2-1/2 feet although the "official" record at the airport (south and west of me) was "only" 17.8 inches) One of the major trunks of my holly (there are three trunks) broke off about 2/3 of the way up and a lower branch broke off from one of the other trunks as well. Since robins are ground feeders and do not eat seeds, any time it snows they head for my holly tree to harvest the berries. I rather like how this came out with a robin in the bokeh behind the front robin in the field of view.


  1. I'm sorry about your holly. I hate losing trees/bushes in storms. 6 years ago we lost most of our landscaping to a really bad storm (even worse for us than this last one!).

    I did really enjoy your pic of the robins, especially the one holding the berry in his beak! I'm completely not used to seeing robins this time of year!

    I'm not sure how you get such great pictures while it's STILL SNOWING. Amazing! I end up with white spots in all the wrong places.

  2. Should be framed!


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