Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A very healthy rascally squirrel at my bird feeder... January, 2010

black squirrel at bird feeder
Look how beautifully glossy his black fur is... guess I must be providing the right mix of food for him in my BIRD feeder! This one they can jump on from the fence or from the deck rail (where it hangs)... my others (one squirrel proof that actually works) and a tube feeder (not squirrel proof) that hang nearby are less appealing to the squirrels. BUT, if I don't restock this one, the squirrels will go after the smaller (not squirrel proof) of the feeders hanging nearby. One of these days, I hope to catch them in the act on that one! (they hang upside down, legs wrapped around the feeder and eat from the bottom seed ports)

Tomorrow, I'll post another of my bird feeder in snow scenes but wanted to put up something different today!


  1. Oh, but he is SOOO cute! Like a giant hamster! ;) lol

    I really like squirrels. You seem to be taking very good care of this chubby little guy. :)

    I can't feed the birds even though I have a beautiful gazebo bird feeder. We adopted a cat and it would be rather like providing him with a buffet.

    Is there no end to your gorgeous pics?

  2. Aw, c'mon! Admit you went out there and groomed him just for the portrait.

  3. I like squirrels.Beautiful photo.


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