Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Red berries... sunlit in snow and ice... February 7, 2010

red berries in snow and ice
We saw the sun this week... in between what might be the worst February in history for snow storms in our area. This is a very common landscape plant and I can NEVER remember the name of it!

We are currently experiencing our third snowstorm of February and the second to be classified as a blizzard! Snow has been coming down for almost 24 hours now and MAY stop when predicted... in another 3 hours or so. It's been blowing quite hard along with the snowfall so it's very hard to tell how much we've had... best guess is about another 8" on top of the nearly 30 inches from the Feb 5-6 snowstorm.

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  1. The red of the berries against the white snow is such a lovely contrast.


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